Chikuzen Kuroda clan patronage kiln
Takatori ware MIRAKU Kiln

Outline History of “TAKATORI Ware” Traditional Pottery

Ancient North Kyushu, Chikuzen,the Lord Kuroda Jyosui and his son Nagamasa brought back the potter from Korea to Japan around 1600,and located the kiln at Mt.Takatori in his territory.This is the origin of TAKATORI-YAKI. Since then the potters had been patronized by the Lord,as the Kuroda family.And afterward,under the guidance of KoboriEnshu,famed practitioner of tea ceremony,the Takatori-Yaki was completed as tea ceremony ware,besides the kiln was selected as one of the seven excellent in Japan. Early in the 18th century,the potter returned to Fukuoka from Koishiwara and set up a kiln at Nishijin-machi,Fukuoka City,where the kilnis still located and run by the same family. In April 1944,the 13th successor,Miraku was recognized by the Japanese Government as the technique holder. Now,the elegant seven colored glaze of Takatori-Yaki makes up the finest harmony of traditional and modern technic.

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