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1.Acquisition of information
User's information is acquired by the situation in the following two methods in "TAKATORI YAKI MIRAKU kiln". 【 registration 】 In "TAKATORI YAKI MIRAKU kiln", the name of the user and the mail address of a part of contents, etc. might be registered. When service is used, these information is used for the user's confirmation and inquiry.

In "TAKATORI YAKI MIRAKU kiln", the cookie is used to collect information on a part of contents.
When the user visits the site, the cookie is recorded in the user's computer. However, the one to specify the individual like the name of the user and the mail address, etc. is not included in recorded information at all.

Moreover, I might analyze in what service users are interested, and use these in "TAKATORI YAKI MIRAKU kiln" to deliver an effective advertisement on the web.
It is also possible in the information gathering using such a cookie to set resistance to the acceptance refusal of the cookie when it is feeling by a browser used.
However, please acknowledge that service might not function correctly according to contents beforehand in that case.

2.Use of information
Information registered by a part of contents is used to develop and to provide service by "TAKATORI YAKI MIRAKU kiln" to be more attractive and worthy. In "TAKATORI YAKI MIRAKU kiln", individual information is not disclosed to the third party without the permission of the user himself. Moreover, any individual information is not disclosed except the claim with receiving application and the legal binding of the law.

3.Sharing of intelligence
It is likely to be shared on "TAKATORI YAKI MIRAKU kiln" and the network to inform them that the name etc. had been filled in to information that can confirm the same individual the person in question whom the user oneself registered before when other personal services of "TAKATORI YAKI MIRAKU kiln" were used. Of course, these individual information is not decided to be disclosed to the individual and the group, etc. that have not been approved as a partner of "TAKATORI YAKI MIRAKU kiln" intentionally.

4.Notes in community
In "TAKATORI YAKI MIRAKU kiln", close attention is paid to the protection of individual information registered by users. However, please note that there is a possibility being performed for use of no intention when individual information is voluntarily registered to the user himself in service of can the inspection of other users such as communities including the bulletin board enough.

Thus, please acknowledge that information registered in places other than the registration part of individual information that "TAKATORI YAKI MIRAKU kiln" prepared becomes off the subject of the protection of personal information, and becomes the user own responsibility beforehand.

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